Tuesday, June 3, 2008

more painting!

My friend Jaime is definitely keeping me busy these days! She dropped off her kitchen table and chairs and a small kitchen hutch to be painted last night....here are a few pictures of some furniture that I painted for her twin girl's room a few weeks ago! This is a small armoire...Jaime loves harlequin and the girl's room is done in black and cream paisley/damask fabric, black and cream harlequin, black and cream polka dot, and accented with hot pink and lime green....When she sends pics of it all together I will share...I am sure that it is ADORABLE!!!
The armoire and the dresser together... I painted harlequin on the top of the dresser and on the doors of the armoire...the armoire had a fun paisley design all over the sides of it...so did the dresser....lots of fun to paint!!!!

This is by far one of my favorite pieces!!! Not really what I did to it or anything...just the dresser itself!!! I LOVE this dresser....Bob and I wanted to buy it from her and keep it for our house! It was such a pretty piece of furniture!!! It even looked pretty when she brought it to me all sanded down and bare!!! Perfect for a little girls room....or my room!!!!
Hope you are enjoying your new furniture Jaime!!!