Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A table for the Greene Family

This is a fun little project that I painted for my friend Nicole last's a child's table with two chairs! She wanted a verse on the top, lots of color, and a G on each seat in two different fonts...this is what we came up with!
a scripty G in a fun blue color on one
and a typewriter style G in red on the other!

On the top of the table we put 1Timothy 4:12 in a fun font...the legs were checkered and the top was split up in four sections with leopard, stripes, paisley, and polka dots! It was lots of fun to paint! Hope you are enjoying your new table Houston, Cole and Ava!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

1st Trip to the Zoo

We took the boys to the zoo on Wednesday! The boys had a great time and mom and I got a great workout pushing that huge stroller!! Here is Jack giving his little brother a big hug!
Jack carried this net around the zoo...when I was packing the bag he ran in and said "mom, don't forget this...I am going to catch a flyin' speckled frog!!"
MiMi with her two favorite boys!

Notice the shoe is off...this is the last picture that we have with the shoes on...we lost the shoes, a pair of sunglasses and the lens cap to my camera...all in one trip to the zoo!!!
The boys and MiMi eating our picnic lunch! MiMi told Jack the day before to make sure that mommy made the sandwiches in the shape of animals (she always did stuff like this for me when I was little!! on land run day one year I had little oklahoma shaped sandwiches!!! )....well, on Wednesday morning I realized I didn't have any animal cookie cutters....jack said "well mom, you better get out your scissors!" I finally found a butterfly cookie cutter...kinda girly, but it worked!