Thursday, December 18, 2008

a gift for you!

All of my favorite blogs do these really fun give aways...I have decided to do a
Christmas Give Away for all two of my readers!
Leave a comment and I will let the boys pick a winner!
The gift is a surprise! (It might be a few things)
Christmas Blessings,


Jan said...

Laura: You do beautiful work! I love looking at your blog, even though I don't usually leave a comment. Have a wonderful Holiday!
Love, Jan

Maria said...

Hey Laura! Found you through the tour of homes on your other blog but hadn't clicked through here yet. Wow. Your work is amazing! You are fantastically talented. Merry Christmas to you!!

April said...

Laura - I look on here all the time and LOVE everything you paint! The table for the Martin's and Paige's dresser have been my favorites so far. All your creations are so good!!

Jackson and Nicole said...

Me too! I am always on all of your blogs but i am not good about leaving a comment! You are such a blessing and you sharing your amazing ideas to all of us to make our homes our own is wonderful!! Thank you sister! Love you!

Lydi said...

Hey Laura,
I just wanted to tell you that I thought you did such an awesome job making that stuff for Bob. It was so pretty and I meant to tell you that a long time ago, but I love all your cute stuff you do!!

Kristin said...

Dear Jack and Sam,

You guys are the coolest kids I know. You are so funny. I love it when you tell me your funny jokes. I have one for you. How do you make a kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it!


Oh, by the way, I love Thomas the Train too.

Nicole Knox said...

Laura, thank you for your blog! I love reading it=)

leahduke said...

I want to win!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

missyb1480 said...

Hey sister. Don't know if I qualify, but I'll comment anyway! I love all of your stuff. That picture that you made for Jaycee is my favorite thing in her room (well, except maybe for the tutu!). I LOVE that table you did for Brittany!

Love ya & miss you lots!

Bobbi said...

Have I mentioned lately what an amazingly-talented, beautiful, creative, wonderful friend you are....and how handsome and sweet your precious little guys are???? Maybe you could just put my name on an extra big piece of paper for this little drawing! ya!!

Amy said...

The legs on the Trumbly table is my favorite thing you've painted, so fun & whimsical. Will you post pictures of the gifts you've made for the boys...I'm sure they turned out amazing. Merry Christmas!!